The good, the bad and the ugly

I continue to feel overwhelmed by this process…by the time lunch was over I was done.
Fractured…Why didn’t we look at UbD one week then field study and portfolio the next instead of all at once? All over the place…frustrating counterproductive. Add-ons, say one thing another thing happens b/c the person teaching UbD is not the one making decisions about the field study. I would not do this in my class so why is it being done in this situation?
It is unfortunate that so much of my energy is wasted feeling stressed because of , what I interpret as the unclear, shifting expectations. It interferes with some extremely valuable learning. I need to look at how I can deal with this more effectively.
My ideas about using tech. as a tool that enables learners has shifted. The idea of the difference between fairness and equality has been embedded. I now see the importance of providing kids with the tools they need to be successful; those tools are not the same for all learners. Is this the idea behind differentiated instruction?
After getting down to create the unit plan I am feeling calmer…it is freeing to be able to write with a purpose and it was not as difficult as I had anticipated. It creates clarity when the goal is in focus. I found myself continually checking to see if my questions, assessments and learning tasks aligned. This is powerful and creates an increased sense of competence, the idea that you are fully prepared to respond to any questions about why you do what you do. It would be great if we could focus with more intent on this specific area. I want more, please.
Had a speed date activity which I was not into but it really helped me to see that what I am doing for my field study is on point. Very reaffirming.
So, as I asked my colleague before we left for the weekend, what did we learn?
…To trust in the process!