About me

I love being outside, reading in a quiet, peaceful place. I am a mum, a teacher and a dragonboater. And now I’m back at school again, meeting great new people and continuing my learning journey.

Teaching is my second career. I have a diploma in Landscape/Horticulture from BCIT. I spent 20 years in the horticultural industry as a landscape designer and retail garden center employee. I returned to university to complete my BSc. in biology in my 30’s. I was a single mom with a toddler who quickly learned to go back to bed and stay there when I was typing up papers in the middle of the night.

I completed my PDP at UVIC in 2002. I teach science, including horticulture, at a local high school. My daughter is graduating this year and is an invaluable sounding board for all of the (sometimes lame) ideas her mom comes up with.