Do We Really Need a Final Exam?

My colleague and I did this last semester and we love it but it’s exhausting. Much more work for all but, at the same time, so much more rewarding than reading the score on a Scantron.

Going Gradeless

In his article in the British Newspaper The Telegraph titled “Intelligence cannot be defined by exams,” Peter Tait argues that, “The problem of measuring intelligence per se is that it is an inadequate guide to human capability, and that many of the ways we use to measure working intelligence are woefully inadequate.”

I would argue that one of these inadequate measures is the final exam.

I listen to teachers in the staff room complain about students who think the final exam will dramatically change their mark.

Yes, it occasionally happens, but more often than not a student’s mark is essentially the same before and after the exam.

Other teachers wonder what to do with a student who performed poorly on the exam, but demonstrated excellent understanding throughout the semester.

And yet, we are still required to give exams at the end of the semester.

Or administrators who, in…

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