Dear Ms. Bacon,

What follows is a transcript of a letter written to me by one of my international students. It’s a constant reminder of why I teach.

Dear Ms. Bacon,

I have to tell you I was so happy to get Biology on my schedule my first week here. But I also have to tell you that on my second weekend here the only thing I could think about school was, “Oh no, biology!”

I was afraid of talking, I was afraid of making mistakes, I was afraid of trying. The day of my first presentation in this class, I showed to be weak, but you showed me I was wrong.
You helped me transform my weakness into strength.

The moment that I was standing, facing the whole class, and everyone was paying attention in my words, I realized that biology is not just about cell, muscles, bones, plants animals. As the word says, Biology is life. The study of life. Biology helped me to face my fears.
And you Ms. Bacon, you helped me to climb the biggest mountain I have ever faced. That was my first mountain in a long time, and I know it will not be the last. Thank you for all biology, and more than that, thank you for teaching me how to face my mountains using my own weapons.


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