YES! YES! YES! Meaningful end of year assessments & Credit recovery

Students in my class get rewrite opportunities on assessments where they are not meeting standards (expectations) for the learning outcome. Usually I have a rewrite prepared and most students manage to do better with seemingly little or no effort.

For the end of term credit recovery I changed it up a bit. I asked students to show me what they know about the particular outcome(s) they weren’t successful on, any way they want. They book an appointment and then demonstrate their learning.

This morning I had a student wanting to show me what they understood about the scientific method. She went through the standard steps with examples and it seemed OK but then she showed how she applied the scientific method by running an experiment on herself studying with or without caffeine. She explained what she learned and how she would redesign the experiment next time. Now we’re talking…
And then the goose pimples happened…the real connection, the why I teach, and why learning about the scientific method matters.
” Science doesn’t have to just be for scientists. We can use our critical thinking to solve everyday problems. Different for everyone, but it comes down to the steps (observe, ask yourself “why”, figure it out, look at what you can do, re-try again).”



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