First night jitters

What does it mean to be a teacher inquirer?

What does it mean to be a teacher inquirer?

Quotes that inspired us.

Quotes that inspired us.

May 5 thoughts

Teacher inquiry

How am I living it? What does it mean to me at this point in my practice?


Before I earned my graduate diploma, problems that arose in my classroom provided opportunities for gripe sessions in the photocopying room or in the lunchroom. And we could have a good gripe and blame the students…”what’s wrong with kids these days?” or ” The kids at this school are so much more entitled than at my other school!”…’they don’t appreciate learning or me”


Yada yada yada


So much energy lost being frustrated and angry and powerless. Running on a treadmill, making the same mistakes year after year.


Teacher inquiry has changed all of that. Now, when issues arise I know I am not alone. I look online for research papers or groups on Twitter or Facebook dealing with similar problems, who have similar questions.

It has made me turn the lens on myself, my practice, what I can do to change the environment to increase the success of my students.  A positive cycle leading to more research and creative problem-solving.


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