Beliefs,part 2 … A joyful day

Have you ever seen 18 year old girls? I mean really seen them. It’s tough sometimes because there’s always a barrier up,as if they’re checking you out just as you are checking them out. Today, I saw them. They were the 1/2 of my Sustainable Resource 12 class that actually showed up this afternoon.  Since it was not raining, I had already decided that we were going to tackle the garden beds and get them ready for planting.

You should have seen them. They shrieked with excitement at every worm and spider, anxious to show each other (and me) what they found. They turned the beds over, harvested a whole bucketful of carrots that had been too small to pick in the fall. They swept and cleaned up. They almost hurled when they busted a pumpkin that had been rotting in the compost bin. They danced as they pushed our reel mower over the mossy grass. It was like watching spring lambs. A student who might not fit in to other classes turned in to a lead hand as he directed his team mates about which plants were weeds and which plants were keepers.

I need more of this.Kids need more of this.They need to be outside, working together and having fun doing this.

I intend to see that this happens more often. No test to cram for, no “content” to memorise, no reaaaallllllly slow WiFi. Just lots of doing and being and seeing the results of time well spent.


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