It’s a snowball!

After class I debrief with my daughter (poor child!) and she often shares much with me that helps me understand what I am too old and foggy to see. Tonight was no different.

I am Tweeting and one of my peeps is Joe Bower (@joe_bower). He has a post about beauty and I asked my kid to read it. In response to what she had read, she showed me a video. I included the link in my comment to Joe Bower’s post. And then the light-bulb went on for both of us about the power of social media. My kid said ” It’s a snowball!” And here I am, 51, and seeing the incredible value in being able to pass it on.

It’s so nice to have something to balance the scales of “Reality TV” (the black hole that is Snooki and Kim K.).




2 thoughts on “It’s a snowball!

  1. Wow! this is so powerful! I hoped you tweeted this out to everyone. What a great tool to used in Health and Career with young girls. It is so true and then we wonder why our young female students are so petty, self conscience and jealous of one another. They are brainwashed. Please share with us.

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