More on the effects of praise on kids

“Look smart, don’t risk making mistakes.” What I notice in my students is that they are afraid to take chances and make mistakes. Their conversations with me start with “Ms. Bacon, I don’t get it.” There is no effort made to try and read instructions, even when it is gone over and modeled by yours truly. So my inquiry this term is to see if I can affect change in students’ seeming disability, in their perception of their ability to learn. When the going gets tough, the kids give up (and I go Arrrrgh). I came upon this article while reading other teachers’ blogs.  I encourage you to read it.



One thought on “More on the effects of praise on kids

  1. Great article! As a parent of two high achieving children and two strugglers we had to focus on effort to be fair. In our teaching practice, my teaching partners and I continually ask parents to please focus more on the effort marks than the grades – stressing that effort is a life long skill, whereas fact retention is not. How nice to read research validating this approach. Thanks for sharing!

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