Summarizing my experience with social media aka one more thing and I’ll burst

I feel pretty taxed to the max right now with all the connecting I am expected to be doing. Let me preface this by noting that I am embracing so many new tech. things that I have discovered over the past year.
I am going to try out an online science inquiry called WISE found while I was browsing to increase my PLN. This is a program developed by Berkley and is directly related to the goals/PLOs for Science 10. The scary part is that it is out of sync with my usual course outline but I think it is so worthwhile that I am going to take the plunge. Our school just received a set of COWS and I am have volunteered to be the test pilot. (Yeah me!)
I have a WordPress website that I use to post information for my students. I have signed up for Twitter and have added a few decent sites that I follow: @rdfrs (Richard Dawkins), @Discovery (Discovery Channel), @ksivick (educator). I also send out Tweets about upcoming tests etc. but I only have 1 student following me so far. I think it’s to do with horses and water and making them drink???
After attending Dr. Marzano’s seminar on Thursday and Friday, some of my colleagues and I have signed up for Edmodo with the hope of creating a PLC at our school on assessment. Seeing Dr. Marzano speak reaffirmed the direction I am taking in my practice. It helped me get clear about formative and summative assessment. I am trying to develop his ideas in my teaching. For instance, he showed a class using laptop whiteboards to respond to questions. A great way to check for understanding and to engage everyone in responding ( a low-tech approach that really makes sense to me).
I am still in the middle of creating an online scavenger hunt for trees in my local school yard.

I am not ready to take on anything else new until I have processed all of these. I would like to try out Evernote. I will check out YouTube Teachers the next time I need a video on protein structure and function and I really do need to tag more. I still do not enjoy Eluminate sessions, even though I can dislike it from the comfort of my own home. I miss seeing my colleagues and having that rejuvenating burst of energy that only spending time with like-minded professionals can provide.
So, here’s my goal for this week. Shut the lid and walk away. Spend some face time with my kid.
Have a good week all.


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