I am feeling fairly good about tackling technology, especially compared to where I was a few months ago. Indeed, I feel almost as if I am “”embracing”” new ideas, looking forward to being able to use IPods in my SR12 class to catalogue trees in our neighborhood and as a test-taking aid for kids who struggle with reading in my science 10 class. But, and this is a big but, I continue to face roadblocks.

Today, I wanted my students to work collaboratively on a project using, something I have learned about in the post-graduate course I am taking. I chose this because, with a few basic starting tips, students can run the show, create their documents and collaborate online. They can continue this at home without having to email the work to themselves and then invite me to see the final project. We got to the computer lab only to find that the district blocks the emails that allow students to sign up for Googledocs. So frustrating to be constantly told that teachers need to get on board the technology train or become irrelevant and yet, in many cases, our hands are tied by limited access.


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