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concept maps

Case StudyDr. Paul Rutherford—“Principles of engineering” teacher at Summit Technology Academy in Lee’s Summit, Missouri—uses Inspiration to help his students prepare for their field work. Teams of 3-4 students are partnered with staff at the local public works departments. The groups are charged with thinking through all of the issues involved with developing land for residential and business uses, including water and sewer requirements. The work requires that all of the students understand the fundamentals of force and how they apply to liquids in motion. Prior to both field work and any classroom lessons or activities, Rutherford has his students use Inspiration to create concept maps of their current knowledge of Newton’s Laws of Motion.� After gathering and analyzing more data about Newton’s Laws through extensive class work, the students go back and create another concept map of those same principles. “Comparing the two concept maps lets both me and my students see their conceptual development,” Rutherford says. “After they’ve done the second concept map, their earlier misconceptions are plain to see. These Inspiration concept maps are building blocks from which they can have a meaningful and productive experience out in the field.”�

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